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Product Description


The original Zabel® Disc Dam Filter was patented in 1959.  The 12” series filters have been filtering wastewater longer than any other filter in the wastewater industry.  In 2000 Zabel made the best even better by introducing a complete redesign of the original with more great features and finer levels of filtration.  In 2006, Polylok, Inc. redesigned the A100/300/600-12X20 merging the best of the Polylok.

Independent research has shown the A100-12 decreases TSS by 50-90% and CBOD5 by 20-40%.


  • Easy to install.
  • Accepts 1" PVC handle extension.
  • Optional SmartFilter® switch and alarm.
  • Available level of Filtration A100 1/16", A300 1/32", & A600 1/64"
  • Flow Rates between 3000-6000 GPD.

Installation & Maintenance:
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Technical Data:

Filter Drawing

Zabel GPD chart
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