4"x22" Filter only

4"x22" Filter only
Item# A1801-4x22

Product Description

The Zabel® A1800™ Series is the choice for single-family residential applications with waste flows up to 800 gallons per day (GPD). The cartridge design allows for easy installation and maintenance. All A1800 Series filters feature a locking tab that securely locks the filter to the tee/housing. With 1/16" filtration, this filter is available in 18" and 22" lengths. The 22" A1800 comes with a built in gas deflector.

Patented inside out flow:
Zabel's patented flow reduces the trapping of solids in the filter by allowing them to slough off and fall back into the tank for further digestion.

Slots rather than mesh screens provide less surface area for solids to attach and promote the sloughing action. Independent research has shown the Zabel® A1800™ Series Filters reduce TSS by 40% in residential applications.


  • Easy to install.
  • 1/16" filtration.
  • Up to 800 GPD.
  • Extra strength one peice design.
  • Accepts SmartFilter switch for use with filter alarms.
  • Accepts optional 3/4" PVC handle extention kit.
  • Gasket prevents bypass.
  • Bult in gas deflector (22" Only)

Ideal for residential waste flows up to 800 gallons per day (GPD). Easily installs in any new or existing 4" outlet tee.

1. Locate the outlet of the septic tank.
2. Remove the tank cover and pump tank if necessary.
3. Glue the filter housing to the outlet pipe, or use a Polylok Extend & Lok if not enough pipe exists.
4. Insert the filter into tee/housing.
5. Replace and secure the septic tank cover.

While the service interval of the properly specified Effluent Filter should operate effectively for 1-3 years under NORMAL conditions, it is recommended that the Effluent Filter be installed with a high level alarm and inspected annually by a qualified service technician who can detect over use and abuse of the system.

Our experience with the sales of hundreds of thousands of Effluent Filters indicates that the NORMAL service interval ranges from 1-3 years. Variability in quantities, type and strength of sewage discharges affect Effluent Filter service intervals. For that reason, it is recommended the Effluent Filter be installed with a high level alarm (with an access manhole to grade) and be inspected annually by a qualified service technician who can assess Effluent Filter function and recommend steps to extend service intervals.

1. Do not use plumbing when filter is removed.
2. Pull filter out of the tee/housing.
3. Hose off filter over the septic tank. Make sure all solids fall back into septic tank.
4. Insert filter back into tee/housing.

Technical Data:

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