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Product Description

The finer 1/32” level of filtration achieved with the A300-8 filter makes this the perfect
effluent filter for small grease trap applications, dog kennels, laundromats and other
applications where fine suspended solids are present. The A300 series offers flow rates of
1200-2400 GPD.

The A300-12 Series provides 1/32” filtration and has been shown to reduce FOG by as much as 50-98%. The A300-12 series offers flow rates of 3000-6000 GPD. The A300-12 is also used for onsite wastewater systems which require a finer level of TSS removal. The A300-8 Series filter is available in 12”, 26” and 32” lengths. The A300-12 Series filter is available in 20”, 28” and 36” lengths.


  • Easy to install.
  • Accepts 1" PVC handle extension.
  • Optional SmartFilter® switch and alarm.

Installation & Maintenance:
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Technical Data:

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