Trench Channel Drain & Grate (Storm Drain)

Trench Channel Drain & Grate (Storm Drain)

Product Description

The Polylok-Zabel Trench Drain is the complete surface water drainage solution. The durability & high performance of our Trench Drain ensures a long lasting, permanent solution to the collection and dispersal of standing surface water. Use the Polylok-Zabel Trench Drain around driveways, patios, walkways or any other area that you need to get rid of standing surface water.


  • CLASS B:
    - Loads of 61-175 psi.
    - Recommended for medium-duty pneumatic tire traffic, autos and light trucks at speeds less than 20 mph.

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic (polypropylene).
  • Trench Drains and Grates are rated for 5 tons or 10,000 lbs.
  • Cross braced ribs are designed into the body for strength and rigidity.
  • Anti-Floatation channel "feet" prevent floating when encased in fill material.
  • Built in bottom outlet accommodates 4" sewer" drain pipe.
  • "U" shaped channels and corners are designed to prevent water pooling.
  • Channel lengths are interlocking, no clips required and are "Qwik Fit".
  • Channel Grates are concave to more efficiently trap / transfer water.
  • End Caps, Outlets and Leaf Guards are "Qwik Fit", no solvents required.
  • All products are "UV" inhibited.
  • Your choice of either black or gray Grate color.
  • Trench Drain channel with black Grate = (39.7" x 5") / with grey Grate = (39.7" x 4.75").
  • 90 Corner allows left or right hand extension of the Trench Drain. (7" each side)
  • End Outlet accommodates 3" & 4" sewer and drain pipe OR 3" & 4" Sch. 40 fitting hub. (Extends 1" from channel)
  • End Caps just slide into Trench Drain .
  • Leaf Guard prevents debris from going down drain pipe. (3" dia. x 3")

Installation & Maintenance:
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Technical Data:

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Customer Reviews:

Dave Wojeski - Ft. Johnson, NY

I recently purchased about 40 feet of your drainage grates from Zabel about 3 months ago after a heavy rainstorm washed gallons of mud under a camp and into a storage area we had just renovated a year ago. I was afraid they wouldn't contain the amount of water from the recent hurricane but when I was able to survey the area after the storm there was absolutely no damage. The cost to me was a little high but they probably saved me much more than that in damage and cleanup. Just thought you might like to know this.