12" D-Box with Grate

12" D-Box with Grate
Item# 3017-12CG

Product Description

Looking for versatility? Consider our 12” Distribution Box that can function as many different
products including a drainage, D–Box or drop box. You can choose what height you want your inlets and outlets to be. It also comes compete with the only seal on the market that accepts 2”, 3”, 4” and corrugated pipe. No more different fittings to inventory!


  • Use as a Rain Drain, D-Box, or Drop Box; allows for all configurations.
  • Use as a rain drain for gutters, driveways and sub-surface drainage.
  • Use as a distribution box or drop box for onsite septic systems.
  • Use with the 12'' riser to bring cover or grate to grade as needed.
  • Use our watertight seals & nuts for 2'', 3'', 4'' or corrugated pipe.
  • Use 2'', 3'' or 4'' SCHD 40 pipe or 3'' or 4'' SDR35 pipe for connections; accepts 4'' corrugated pipe.


  • 2 watertight seals & nuts (accepts 4",3",2" + corrugated pipe).
  • 4 stabilizing feet .
  • 12x12 box.
  • 12" round grate.

Installation & Maintenance VIDEO:
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Installation & Maintenance:

  • Carefully cut out required opening in the box with a knife.
  • Install seal from INSIDE the box.
  • Screw on the nut from OUTSIDE the box.
  • Tighten to provide a watertight seal.
  • Remove the correct size tear out on the seal. TEAR OUT- DO NOT CUT OUT.
  • Slide the pipe into the seal.
  • Snap the stabilizing feet into the sockets at the base of the box. (12" only)

Special Instructions for Installing 4" Corrugated Pipe Only

  1. Remove the 4" TEAR OUT on the seal. TEAR OUT DO NOT CUT OUT.
  2. Carefully cut between raised ribs on back of seal in all 4 places.
  3. Push corrugated pipe into seal.

Technical Data:

12" Drainage Box Drawing