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Poly-Cleanse Powder (Bulk Pail)
Poly-Cleanse Powder (Bulk Pail)
Item# PC-EBP

Product Description

The superior waste digestant for your septic tank. Polylok’s new Poly-Cleanse is unique in that each ingredient is functional and contributes to the biodegradation process.

Once placed in your system, bacteria will double their population approximately every 20 minutes.

There are five enzymes in the Poly-Cleanse as well as four highly specialized strains of bacteria.

• PROTEASE - liquefies proteins

• LIPASE - liquefies grease, oil and fats

• PECTINASE - liquefies pectins and gums

• CELLULASE - liquefies papers and fibers

• AMYLASE - liquefies starches and carbohydrates